Friday, March 25, 2016

RETROWOOD Gypsy Twins Pt. 1

Being a big fan of mystery and detective movies of the 30's the Retrowood series was my attempt to do my own black and white movies in the genre. Here's one of the more whimsical tales, "Gypsy Twins"....inspired by two of my favorite figure models, Cassandra and Sarah, who once showed up at a class as Siamese twins for us to draw... and I couldn't tell them apart.
And a shout out to Steven Kloepfer who edited (rewrote) a lot of the dialogue in this one.

Our HBO Tales From the Crypt bonus this week is As Ye Sow, with Hector Elizando and John Shea.

See you next Thursday for Pt. 2 of Gypsy Twins.

1 comment:

  1. Great stuff. I like the way, in the Tale of the Crypt cover, you have the man and woman's arms tastefully obscuring her breasts. I also like the rendering of the angry male closeup/background.