Thursday, August 4, 2016


This week it's another Peyote St. Jean inner space story featuring her shaman friend Black Crow and his tales of his lost love, Joni Roxtarr. Written by Lee Mars and I believe Tom Orzechowski lettered it. Any resemblance to Joni Mitchell was completely  Pt. 2 next week. 

Don't forget to visit our archives on the right for any episodes of this or other stories that you've missed.And most of our stories are available at iVerse/Comics Plus for your enjoyment: (And our financial gain.) To open a new window, click the link below. 

This week's bonus HBO Tales From the Crypt cover is "Collection Completed" with M. Emmett Walsh, the magnificent character actor. It's one of two that I don't have a color copy of, so my assistant Leyanna graciously stepped in and did a version for us. Thanks, Ms. L. 

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