Thursday, March 2, 2017


One of my favorite comic projects was the fictional world of Retrowood, my answer to doing a historical story about Hollywood and the Great Depression without being burdened with historical accurary. Our motto was always our tales are based on False Stories and Innuendo.  Enjoy  private investigator J. Parker Wrighte on his quest for upward mobility in the land of sunshine.

This week's HBO Tales From the Crypt bonus covers are "Only Sin Deep" starring Lea Thompson, who was the first actor I actually got to photograph for reference for a cover (usually they gave me stills to work from.) I was amazed when I told her what I needed and she immediately gave me the exact pose. I was impressed...but then she later played a cartoonist in the TV series "Caroline in the City." The second cover is from "Only Skin Deep", and featured the beautiful Sherrie Rose.

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