Thursday, April 27, 2017


This week we continue the second of the Mad Mummy stories. When I started doing research on Egypt for this series, one of the interesting things I discovered was that the name Nefertiti meant " she who walks in beauty"...hence the title of this story. I also discovered that after the death of Pharoah Ankenaten, she disappeared and all reference to her and likenesses were destroyed. It was only centuries later that the wonderful statue of her was discovered and we could see why she earned the name.  

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This week's HBO's Tales From the Crypt covers are "Strung Along" and "The Man Who was Death" The former was directed by Kevin Yagher, who designed the crypt keeper and starred one of the legends of Hollywood, Donald O'Connor. The latter was directed by Walter Hill and was one of the original trilogy of stories designed to introduce the series. The episode starred Bill Sadler, Mr. Death himself, in the lead. It was also one of only two covers that I didn't draw myself, turning that chore over to my studio mate at the time, Shawn McManus.

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