Thursday, March 31, 2016

RETROWOOD Gypsy Twins Pt. 2

Here is the second installment of Gypsy Twins with detective J. Parker Wrighte. If you missed the first part, or any of the previous Voxcomix posts you can always catch up by visiting the archives located to the right. Happy viewing.

Below is the cover done for the "Beauty Rest" episode of the HBO series Tales From the Crypt. Stephen Hopkins directed this one; I remember him greeting me on the set and excitedly telling me it was a great day to show up: Kathy Ireland and Mimi Rogers were doing a nude scene. Of course when I was set to take pictures, I discovered my camera had somehow broken. Ah well...

Friday, March 25, 2016

RETROWOOD Gypsy Twins Pt. 1

Being a big fan of mystery and detective movies of the 30's the Retrowood series was my attempt to do my own black and white movies in the genre. Here's one of the more whimsical tales, "Gypsy Twins"....inspired by two of my favorite figure models, Cassandra and Sarah, who once showed up at a class as Siamese twins for us to draw... and I couldn't tell them apart.
And a shout out to Steven Kloepfer who edited (rewrote) a lot of the dialogue in this one.

Our HBO Tales From the Crypt bonus this week is As Ye Sow, with Hector Elizando and John Shea.

See you next Thursday for Pt. 2 of Gypsy Twins.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Skywalker - Peyote St. Jean

This post is a few days late...I've been having fun traveling around Arizona.

Here's a tale from back in my Star*Reach days. And yes, I was using the name Skywalker before George Lucas, who was one of the readers of the Star*Reach books.  Of course, I pilfered the name from Buffy St. Marie's song, Starwalker.  And how can you go wrong with sex, drugs and magic.

The HBO Tales From the Crypt bonus cover is Abra-Cadaver, directed by Stephen Hopkins.  When I first met him on set and he told me he was big fan of my work, I thought he was just being polite, but when he went to on to ask about what I had been working on since Sisterhood of Steel I was really floored.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Here's the first story from the offbeat series that spun off from a couple of characters that Pete Ventrella and I created in Lori Lovecraft: Horatio and Zelda, who live in the strangest of environments - Voodoo Mansion...with it's many mysterious doorways.

Below are couple of development sketches for the series....long before I knew where I was going with it. The finished series was much more whimsical.

Another in our series of HBO Tales From the Crypt comicbook covers. This one is "About Face", one of the shows shot in England.

If you missed any of our previous Lori Lovecraft story, "My Favorite Redhead" you can access any of the episodes in the archives to your right. See you next week.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


You've just stepped into the middle of the story? Just check our archives to the right for what you've missed.

And a bonus of the HBO Tales From the Crypt comic cover from "A Fatal Caper". Be with us again next Thursday for another installment...featuring a Voodoo Mansion story.