Friday, May 19, 2017

G.I.JOE 14 PT. 1

Working on G.I.JOE was always a frustrating experience for me. First, there were so many characters; I found myself generally casting them and using reference from Hollywood personalities to get the likeness (For example, Peter Cushing was the model for Dr.Venom in this issue, and Burt Lancaster for Hawk). But, as my drawing improved and became more subtle as the series went along, the inked pages never reflected any improvement. The same line that was used on machinery was the same style of ink line that went on the faces and figures. Here's a look at what my pencil layouts looked like when I sent them into Marvel.

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This week's HBO's Tales from the Crypt covers are The Sacrifice, starring Kim Delaney and Michael Ironside, and The Secret, starring Larry Drake and Grace Zabriskie.

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