Friday, July 14, 2017

Mad Mummy Book 3 PT.2

Hi Everyone! This is Leyanna, Mike's assistant. This next issue is one of the Mad Mummy books that I've worked on with Mike. You'd think after 3000 years, someone would get over a bad breakup! In this issue, the Mad Mummy reconnects with his estranged wife, Ankhesenamun.

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This week's HBO Tales from the Crypt covers are firstly,Yellow. While working on this show, I literally met hundreds of actors, and one legitimate movie star: Kirk Douglas. His son Eric and Dan Aykroyd also starred in this episode directed by Robert Zemeckis. The second episode, You, Murderer, also directed by Zemeckis starred John Lithgow, and Isabella Rosselline (dressed and made up to look exactly like her mother Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca), and featured a digital appearance by Humphry Bogart.

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