Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Here's one of my more bittersweet jobs from my Marvel Comics career, a Ms. Marvel tale that Chris Claremont wrote. It was somewhat of an origin story of the villainess Rogue, and also featured Raven and Destiny. For me, it was the first chance I got to ink myself for an entire book, so it was a bit of a portfolio piece for me. Unfortunately, since it was part of a three chapter saga, the story never appeared until a decade later...and I had pretty much left comics for animation by then.  Found these xeroxes in my storage unit a bit ago.  

This week I found the xeroxes I did of the first part of this story several years before. That job was actually slated to be the last issue of Ms. Marvel, but I think it wound up not being printed to much later. I can see on the art that I was doing additions/corrections at a much later date. I'll post
that work after the last installment of the current story. 

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