Friday, June 2, 2017


As a youngster I didn't have a TV until I was about 13. But when we did get one, the first thing I discovered was Million Dollar Movie  which came on at one in the afternoon, and always had fun stuff to watch from the thirties and forties. Adventure comedies were the best, and the Road movies, featuring Bob Hope and Bing Crosby were my favorites. Great casts: Dorothy Lamour, Anthony Quinn, Hedy Lamarr, Robert Benchley...the list goes on. The humor was off beat and sublime, often breaking the third wall (as when Bob turns to the camera as Bing is about to break into a tune, "you can go for popcorn now, folks, he's going to sing.") There were talking animals, exotic locations and laughs galore. Lori was as much inspired by their antics as it was inevitable that I did a Road story told from Lori's point of view, with Bela Lugosi thrown in for good measure.  

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Be with us next week for part two of Road to Kadath

Our two HBO Tales from the Crypt covers for the week are This'll Kill Ya, starring Sonia Braga, who told me to make her look would have been hard not to. Also starrring Cleavon Little. Wouldn't you know my camera malfunctioned when I was shooting pictures of Ms. Braga. The other episode was The Ventriloquist's Dummy starrring Don Rickles and Bobcat Golthwaite...and it was a pleasure to meet them both. The picture hanging on the wall behind Don is Richard Donner who directed the episode.

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