Thursday, June 29, 2017


Doing this was one of my favorite jobs. The illustrator Robert Fawcett, whose work has been an inspiration to me over the years, did a series of magnificent drawings for Collier's magazine back in the 1950. If you're familiar with that work, then you can probably spot at least a dozen swipes that I used when working on the story.  The coloring was done by my old friend John Ott and really brought a life to the drawings.Enjoy.

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(Some pencil roughs of the drawings for the story.)

This week's HBO Tales from the Crypt covers are Well Cooked Hams, starring Martin Sheen and Billy Zane, and Werewolf Concerto with Timothy Dalton and Dennis Farina. I got both Martin Sheen to autograph my Bob Peak Apocalypse Now movie poster, and Billy Zane to autograph my copy of Virginia Wollff's Orlando.

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